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As you can see from my sites, I am heavily into radio controlled boats. I am married to a Japanese woman (whose name is Maiko), and I love to travel! I welcome comments and questions from all corners of the world!

Monday, September 04, 2006


***NEWS UPDATED 12-7-06***
Welcome to the homepage of the International Yamato Owners Assosciation. This homepage is dedicated solely to the communication and expression of radio-controlled models of the Yamato-class battleships. I created this page to celebrate the construction of my own radio-controlled model of the IJN MUSASHI, during her 2006 construction. It quickly evolved into a wider role, with a mission to collect all R/C Yamatos into one definative website.

What I have attempted to do here is create an online center for information about the radio-controlled Yamatos sailing around the world today, and whenever possible, to credit the individual modelers who created them. Below you will find a navigation bar taking you to pages devoted to each known R/C Yamato as well as a World Locator Map, showing where in the world Yamatos are known to be sailing. You will also find a links page with links to relevant sites spanning Yamato, battleship, and all radio-controlled scale boat interests.

Please take your time to look around the site. Email me with comments or questions. If you know of a R/C Yamato which is NOT featured on this site, PLEASE let me know and I would be happy to add it to the online family of Yamatos.

As models of the most intimidating warship ever built, radio-controlled Yamatos are special among R/C boats. They deserve to have a special place on the internet.

Barrett Hochhaus

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  • Barrett Hochhaus's Musashi. Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Mark Wilkes' Yamato. Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom
  • Ed Rees's Yamato. Hebron, Ohio, USA
  • Steve Ciambrone's Yamato. Castaic, California, USA
  • Roneert Stalnaker's Yamato. Ohio, USA
  • Lee Donahue's Yamato. Ohio, USA
  • Massey's Yamato and Musashi. Virginia Beach, VA, USA
  • Carl Camurati's Musashi, Holmes, NY, USA
  • Mark Hampton's Musashi, Lebanon, Ohio, USA
  • Curt Stokes Yamato. St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Craig Nash's Shinano. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Antony Lineberger's Yamato, St. Petersburg, FL, USA
  • Charles Miller's Yamato, Shanghai, China
  • Santiago Mata's Yamato, Majadahonda, Spain
  • Pat Mathew'a Musashi and Yamato, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Mark Swihart's Yamato, Massachusets, USA